This DIY’s inspiration is simple. I saw a military jacket I absolutely love- yet it’s a very trendy look and I’m not about to invest hundreds in something I’ll probably only wear a few times- you feel me? Now I have mucho respect for designers and their creations, so I’m not suggesting you ever copy someone’s work. Copying is for losers, yo! BUT being inspired and making something your own, I can totally get on board with and encourage.

So you may have seen some military fashion inspo on the runways lately. No? Well looky here….


So of course this has trickled down to the masses, and the ability to find an army green anything is pretty easy these days. So, let’s march ourselves anywhere and pick up an army green jacket shall we? I marched on over to Forever 21 for mine.




Let’s get crafting

Now we’ve got to embellish the sucker. I dug around my craft supplies and pulled out anything shiny, blingy, or ribbony, that I thought would look pretty darn cute. No to mention picked up some cute star patches at the fabric store, which give it that Army nod. Gather all your goodies….



The glue of choice here is E600– which can glue anything to anything, especially metal objects. I’m not going to get too detailed here on layout, because I think your objects of choice will guide you. Do what feels right keeping in mind you’re going for a decorated soldier look without trying to look like a decorated solider. It’s a fine line, but such is fashion. Let’s watch this thing come together, shall we….


So once all your pieces have been glued on and are dry, it’s time to rock this look quickly before the trend is over.

Rock your military look






JACKET: Forever 21
SHOES: Adidas
DRESS: Julia dress from LulaRoe