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Back to Cool


Can you smell the Autumn in the air? Neither can we, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s not time for back-to-school! Whether you’re in college, sending your little ones back (finally!), or just restocking your office, the back-to-school essentials get better and better each year.  Where were locker disco balls when I was in school?! Kids have it […] Read more…

Baked Eggplant fries with truffle honey

Baked eggplant fries with truffle honey drizzle.

  Faced with a bumper crop of Japanese eggplant I had to make a decision quickly. Come up with an inventive way to eat all this eggplant or rip out the plant and give up. I’m glad I chose the former, because this recipe is one of my favorite go to meals. I chose to bake […] Read more…

Chanel Inspired party


How to throw a baby shower while avoiding cheesy baby cliches? Call on Coco of course! I modeled this event after one of my fave bridal shower invitation designs by Pences Design Studio (where I spend my days). I love when my stationery wears jewelry.  The rest fell into place. Forget the pink and blue […] Read more…

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