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Mini Fez hat craft

Easy craft DIY for making adorable mini fez hats for Valentine's Day or any occasion!

Why is it that whenever something is miniaturized it instantly becomes adorable?  Poodles? Cute. Teacup poodle? TOTES CUTE! Macarons? Delicious. Mini Macarons? FREAKIN’ AWESOME! People? Alright. Baby people? ADORBS! Now the Fez is a pretty interesting cap. One fact I find particularly cool is that in the early 19th century, it was adopted by uber cool men […] Read more…

Calendar clipboard DIY and FREE download

calendar clipboard 2016

Is it 2016 already? Not just that but is it almost FEBRUARY already?!!! At least that’s what the calendar says. Time is sure flying by, and the mark of a new year brings lots of new goals. I don’t know about you, but for some reason if something isn’t entered into my phone calendar it is […] Read more…

Jo’s Trader Joes : Fig and Manchego Pizza

AHappyBlog Trader Joe's pizza crust

In this week’s Trader Joe’s inspired recipes I bring you the ultimate time saver: ready made pizza crust. I’ve long been a fan of their ready made refrigerated dough that comes in bag, you roll it out and make your own pizza. This however takes it up a notch, actually TWO notches! For starters, its […] Read more…

The ultimate fringe top to wear now

Ultimate fringe top style post from A happy blog

I think it’s time to lay the fringe posts to rest. Not that I’m over it by any means, but for my final fringe style post I’m letting you in on the ultimate fringe top.  Have you ever put on a long full skirt and found yourself resisting the urge to twirl around? It’s kinda like […] Read more…

Jo’s Trader Joe’s Eggplant ricotta stack


I’m smelling a series coming on. Why you ask? Well, for starters, I’m quite partial to Trader Joe’s grocery. I think what pleases me most about them is finding those hidden gems around the store. Those masterpiece products that are hidden among the staples that make you wonder “why hasn’t this won some sort of […] Read more…

Blackberry Vanilla-Mint Mocktail

Blackberry Vanilla-Mint mocktail recipe from A Happy Blog

I’m keen on refreshing drinks and mocktails that aren’t too sweet and are perfect for entertaining. Although I wouldn’t be above mixing this one up and sipping from a highball glass while driving (sorry, not sorry). Blackberry Vanilla-Mint Mocktail There are a few secret ingredients to this mocktail. Well not so secret anymore now that I’m posting […] Read more…

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