Holiday Table Blog Hop – Part 1

I’m so excited to take part in this collaboration with 3 other amazing bloggers. The idea behind this Blog Hop organized by Chiara and Irene from One O is simple. Each of us will post a holiday table designed by each blogger once a week leading up to the holidays. So you get 4 different styles to choose from for your holiday table inspiration.

First up is…..ME! For my table I decided to take you back a little, all the way to the 90s. I’ve been feeling ever so nostalgic about the 90s lately, not enough to bring back the clothes (ew) but enough to appreciate the pop culture nostalgia. Ladies and gents, I bring you….

A Ho Ho Ho-liday Yo!

Holiday Table decor ideas from A Happy Blog


I call this design: Saved by the Bell meets Yo MTV Raps. It’s important to exercise minimal restraint here, for when it comes to the 90s one must use caution. Think a little more Zack, a little less AC Slater

Holiday Table decor ideas from A Happy Blog Holiday Table decor ideas from A Happy Blog Holiday Table decor ideas from A Happy Blog


" When it comes to 90s, use caution. Think a little more Zack &  a little less AC Slater. "

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The deer head sporting a gold chain is my fave detail. I call him Lance.

Holiday Table decor ideas from A Happy Blog

The details to achieving this look are pretty simple. Here’s a breakdown of what  I did:

-The grid runner is wrapping paper from Sugar Paper for Target

-The hologram trees were made using acrylic triangles hot glued to glass votives. A brilliant idea contributed by my friend/event designer at Kismet Events. However you can use holographic scrapbook paper triangles to recreate this look pretty closely.

-The gold grid placemats were made using gold floral wire mesh cut into a 13” square.

-The chargers are square white plates decorated with gold foil tape (BUT don’t eat directly on the foil tape-use this as a layer under your plate)

-The “ho ho ho” backdrop was hand lettered onto large poster stock with black paint marker.

Everything else is your standard issue holiday decor from the craft store spruced up with a can of Rustoleum mint green spray paint.

Holiday Table decor ideas from A Happy Blog
Holiday Table decor ideas from A Happy Blog
Holiday Table decor ideas from A Happy Blog

So if  Montell Jordan sings "this is how we do it" in your head every time you rock something, then this just may be for you. Go ahead and channel your inner Kelly Kapowski/LL Cool J  and give this look a try!

Stay tuned because next week I'll be bringing you another holiday table inspo from Elizabeth at Within The Grove. Sign up for Happy Mail to get the details delivered straight to you!

Be sure to share your holiday looks with me by tagging them on Instagram @ahappyblog #holidaytablebloghop


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