Who's cold out there? Me too! If I could stay wrapped in my blanket all day wearing my cozy socks I swear I'd do it! But alas, this cruel wicked world forces me to go outside and leave my coziness behind. 

Recently I got introduced to a watch company called Jord that creates unique wood watches. Yes you heard me right, wood! They sent me the Frankie Zebrawood women's watch in Champagne and I honestly gotta say, I'm digging it. ​While I tend to go towards the fitness tracking kind on the daily, it's not so much a nice look for an evening out. "Oh yes here I am killing it in this new dress and heels, excuse me while I strap on my rubber watch band so I know how calories I'm burning as I eat up all this food."

So when I opened the box I was first so impressed with the packaging. It arrives in a gorgeous 2 piece wooden box. I mean come on, the box even has a laser engraved "J" on it! Sure, it stands for Jord and not Jo, but whatever I'm gonna own it.

Lord wood watch laser engraved wood box A Happy Blog
Jord Zebrawood wood watch A Happy Blog

I'm a sucker for some good packaging, and these folks don't skimp. Remove the magnetic lid to reveal the watch beautifully presented.

Jord Zebrawood wood watch in champagne A Happy Blog

The idea "wood watch" may sound strange, but this watch is incredibly light and delicate feeling. I got mine in Champagne, considering it is pretty neutral and would go with most of my wardrobe. I'm not a dainty accessories kinda girl, so typical women's watches are too small for me. I went with the larger size, and am so glad I did.


Quite the cool watch right? This would make the perfect gift for anyone, especially with how lovely it is packaged. Honestly, its so light you almost forget you have it on. 

Jord wood watch Jo from A Happy Blog

Now they do provide a finishing oil that you can brush on to keep it conditioned and protected, given it is a wood watch you don't want this to get really wet. I would be a little worried wearing it daily considering I'm always elbow deep in something. That in mind, I would save it for when I know I'm not going to be washing dishes (can I remember a time in my life when I'm not washing dishes, no). I'll reserve this as my "going out" watch. And of course when I'm not going out, you can find me cuddled up on the couch trying to get my body temperature back up.



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