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Coffee and Cream stuffed french toast


I’m gonna keep this short and sweet peeps–If you like breakfast and you like french toast, then you’re gonna want to try this recipe. If you answered no to any of the above, you probably don’t like puppies either. Booooooo.Check out the video below for a quick rundown of how to make amazing, impress your […] Read more…

Fresh Labne recipe you can make today


In case you have been cut off from human civilization the past few years, you may have noticed an ever so slight trend of Greek Yogurt everywhere. It’s yogurt but little better, thicker, and slightly more tart. I’m definitely a fan. BUT, if you have happened across Labne at some point in your life, then you’d […] Read more…

Jo’s Trader Joes : Fig and Manchego Pizza

AHappyBlog Trader Joe's pizza crust

In this week’s Trader Joe’s inspired recipes I bring you the ultimate time saver: ready made pizza crust. I’ve long been a fan of their ready made refrigerated dough that comes in bag, you roll it out and make your own pizza. This however takes it up a notch, actually TWO notches! For starters, its […] Read more…

Jo’s Trader Joe’s Eggplant ricotta stack


I’m smelling a series coming on. Why you ask? Well, for starters, I’m quite partial to Trader Joe’s grocery. I think what pleases me most about them is finding those hidden gems around the store. Those masterpiece products that are hidden among the staples that make you wonder “why hasn’t this won some sort of […] Read more…

Blackberry Vanilla-Mint Mocktail

Blackberry Vanilla-Mint mocktail recipe from A Happy Blog

I’m keen on refreshing drinks and mocktails that aren’t too sweet and are perfect for entertaining. Although I wouldn’t be above mixing this one up and sipping from a highball glass while driving (sorry, not sorry). Blackberry Vanilla-Mint Mocktail There are a few secret ingredients to this mocktail. Well not so secret anymore now that I’m posting […] Read more…

Fig & Honey Kale Salad

Remember when kale was just that weird thing that decorated salad bars? Now it seems that you can’t have a conversation without kale being dropped in somewhere. Poor iceberg lettuce, can’t hang with the cool produce, relegated to just be shredded on top of a $1 taco.  Among this new cool produce gang–the glorious fig. The fig […] Read more…

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