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Getting cozy with Jord wood watches


Who’s cold out there? Me too! If I could stay wrapped in my blanket all day wearing my cozy socks I swear I’d do it! But alas, this cruel wicked world forces me to go outside and leave my coziness behind. Recently I got introduced to a watch company called Jord that creates unique wood watches. […] Read more…

Military trend jacket DIY


This DIY’s inspiration is simple. I saw a military jacket I absolutely love- yet it’s a very trendy look and I’m not about to invest hundreds in something I’ll probably only wear a few times- you feel me? Now I have mucho respect for designers and their creations, so I’m not suggesting you ever copy someone’s […] Read more…

No more aching feet

A Happy Blog and Sole Serum giveaway

Holla if you’re shoe obsessed like me! HOLLLAAAAAA! Heels: Aminah Abdul JililIf I had to answer the question of ‘why do I like shoes so much’, I suppose after a very loud sigh of exasperation I would have to say because they always fit. That’s right, feet don’t have’ fat days’, nor ‘sick days’, or […] Read more…

One blazer, styled 3 ways PLUS a giveaway

I’ve teamed up with the online women’s fashion shop, August & December, for a fashion challenge and giveaway. The challenge? Take a drapey black blazer and spin it 3 ways. So I decided to go from casual, to dressed up, to really dressed up! I like the blazer from August & December particularly because its […] Read more…

The ultimate fringe top to wear now

Ultimate fringe top style post from A happy blog

I think it’s time to lay the fringe posts to rest. Not that I’m over it by any means, but for my final fringe style post I’m letting you in on the ultimate fringe top.  Have you ever put on a long full skirt and found yourself resisting the urge to twirl around? It’s kinda like […] Read more…

Happy List: Fringe -spiration

fringe style mood board from a happy blog

Ah fringe. It comes, goes, comes back and goes. And now it’s back. Surely it will go, but at least we can enjoy it’s temporary stay while we wait for it’s predictable return. You can incorporate it subtly with a fun fringe trimmed purse, from Sara Battaglia . Or go all out with a larger piece […] Read more…

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